This bakery has been under construction for a while, as the new owners renovated the old Astoria Bakers space. They've now been open for a little bit and I wandered in yesterday morning to try it for myself. For those Astorians that we're used to Astoria Bakers, you'll recognize the layout of the space. The counter is in the same place, with brand new glass displays of bread and baked goods. They've added a seating area for those that want to enjoy their treats immediately. Overall, the space looks modern, clean, and inviting, with oversized baking utensils decorating the front window display. It appears that they are still expanding their offerings. Each day, when I walk by en route to the train, I see more treats filling their shelves. They also offer both coffee and espresso (and it's far better and more affordable than NYC Bagel House next door). I got a simple roll with butter, and it was exactly as expected, delivered fresh and quickly. Can't wait to see what comes next for this reimagined business!
It draws you in with its modern decor and makes you stay for the treats and coffee! The coffee is one of the best I've ever had and I'm not just saying it because i usually don't repetitively buy coffee from the same establishment, but theirs is an exception. I believe they use Toby's coffee beans and it's so so good. Some of my other favorite items....sea salt baguette, fruit tarts and mini cupcakes! Not to mention their yummy Greek desserts towards the back (mmmm..). If it's not for the desserts, definitely go in for the coffee; you'll thank me later :)
I want to wish Neo Bakery lots of good luck, they did an amazing job with the store design and the baked goods. I am extremely happy they have many gluten free options as well. Rarely are there bakeries around that have GF sweets, really happy about it!!
My favorite bakery! everything i tried was delicious!I love everything bout this place!staffs are very friendly helpful!,every time I whent their they making me feel very special.
Great local bakery with friendly staff and delicious bread & sweets. Also one of my favorite coffee Toby's Estate. Highly recommended!!!
I waited to write a review until I'd been here a couple of times. They bought the previous bakery that had been here, gave it a complete renovation and of course a new name. They did a wonderful job. The staff is lovely and everything I've tried so far has been delicious. The breads are particularly good. The cakes are stunning to look at though I've not tried any yet. The pastries I've tried are delicious. So far a welcome addition!
Finally found a spot that has a Euro-modern vibe to it. Walked in with a few friends from Italy and couldn’t have asked for a nicer atmosphere for after dinner pastries. well worth it.
Really nice, new fixed up place. Decided to stop in Astoria on the way to the airport to grab some coffee and some pastry. The bread looks so good, I felt I should grab one, but didn't want to take it on the plane. Excellent selection, great service.
3rd visit and I'm a bigger fan after the third visit. A very welcome addition to the neighborhood that already has a lot of bakeries. The owner just gave me a brownie sample that I hope will be a regular item. Dense, dark, moist. Perfection. Great job on the renovation, too. Best of luck!
Best bakery in Astoria! If you are in the area you have to try it! The (Greek Powder Sugar cookies) are amazing! So authentic they remind me of Greece! Very nice & modern atmosphere inside with a friendly staff!
Best bakery ever! Run by a great, intelligent guy. Must have had great teachers!
I love this bakery! For every work event, birthday, or sweet craving I have I come here. They have so much to choose from and it all tastes amazing 10/10!!!